How to Book

Booking is simple...

  1. Read and understand the booking conditions
  2. Fill in and submit the form on the right
  3. Once we process the form we will get back to you with all the information you need.

Once Booking Confirmed

    • Collect your money if applicable.
    • Collect keys and make payment.
    • Activity proceeds.
    • Return Keys
    • Bond returned (as above)

Booking Conditions

  1. Prices apply from 1 January, 2014, and are subject to change without notice.
  2. There are three hire sites, one or more may be hired at the same time.
  3. If you book one site, then the others will not be hired out to another group.
  4. There is a refundable bond of $200 per site which also acts as the deposit. The bond is returned by post after satisfactory site inspection upon completion of your stay.
  5. If you cancel your booking, the bond/deposit is not refundable, however your booking can be transferred to another available date in the calendar year.
  6. Bookings are not confirmed until the bond is received, for each complex separately.
  7. Full payment must be made when the keys are collected. Group organisers must obtain payment from their members prior to occupation.
  8. Day of arrival check in is usually 5pm, however this is negotiable. Gear and equipment can be stored before this time.
  9. Day of departure check out time is normally 1pm.
  10. There is a $1000 fine for deliberate / careless environmental damage.
  11. A cheque for your Bond will be returned by post after caretakers inspection.

Booking Enquiry

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